How KPP helped start the new School Year

Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc is proud to list some of its accomplishments during the summer break: This work was realized through donations made by several individuals and in collaboration with the School Directors of the commune of Port-a-Piment.


1-At the College Stella Maris, a new sanitary facility composed of 4 modern toilets,urinals and sinks has been built for use by the students. KPP expresses its gratitude and thanks to  Mrs Nicole Jean , Mr Yves Sidney and Mr. Jean Maceres Romulus for their contributions.


 2-The school of EFACAP of Port A Piment was severely damaged during the passage of Hurricane Matthew. Its classrooms were left without doors,which poses a serious security risk. Also, classes have to terminate early on days of heavy rain.

         ( Before)

Repeated calls for help were made to the Department of Education as well as a NGO on the ground. The promises never materialized . From the 16 damaged classrooms, KPP has been able to install  6 new doors . This was made possible by the financial contributions of Dr Dominique A Jean of Los Angeles, CA and Dr Serge St Gerard of West Palm Beach, FL. Still more help is needed. KPP thanks these individuals for their understanding and financial contributions.



3-The scars of Hurricane Matthew are still visible in Port-a-Piment.  At the Ecole Notre-Dame du Rosaire, scores of students desks had been damaged and had rusted.

     ( Before)

All of the students desks have now been repaired and refurbished.

    ( After)

This was made possible thanks to a donation from Dr Yolene Sinady on behalf of her late Husband, Dr Charles Sinady, a native of Port-a-PIment.  Konbit Pou Potapiman expresses its sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr Sinady for her great support.


4- Hurricane Matthew had destroyed a building and some classrooms at the Ecole Notre Dame du Rosaire school. 2 hangars made out of tarp had been used as classrooms to accommodate the students during the last academic year. The tarp has been replaced by plywood to provide a more permanent setting, and improved room temperature in the classrooms.


This renovation was made possible by a donation from Circle de l’Amitié of New Jersey, At the opening of the school year students and teachers were pleased to find a more comfortable facility to conduct their activities. Konbit Pou Potapiman thanks the Circle de l’Amitié of New Jersey for their interest and support.

   ( After) 

The School Directors, Sister Jacqueline Jean-Gilles of the Ecole Notre-Dame du Rosaire, Mr Josue Paul of the EFACAP school, Sister Yveline Fevrier of the College Stella Maris, as well as the teachers and the students at the different facilities express their many thanks to all the individuals who have cared  to open their wallets for a good cause.

They have also thanked Konbit Pou Potapiman for its role as facilitator, and for overseeing the much needed work. 






Nouvelles en bref

Prix des produits sur le marché portapimentais

Produits Gourde *US Dollar Gourde   US Dollar
Date 26/08/17 08/26/2017 26/07/17 07/26/2017
1 Marmite de Riz 150.00  2.41 150.00 2.41
1 Marmite de Mais 100.00 1.61 100.00 1.61
1 Marmite de Blé 175.00 2.82 175.00 2.82
1 Marmite de Petit-Mil 250.00  4.02 275.00 4.43
1 Marmite de Pois 300.00  4.83 360.00 5.80
1 Marmite de Pistache 300.00  4.83 300.00 4.83
1 Marmite de Farine 100.00  1.61 100.00 1.61
1 Marmite de Sucre 175.00  2.82 200.00 3.22
1Marmite Sel de cuisine   50.00  0.80   60.00 0.97
1 Gallom d’Huile 375.00  6.04 375.00 6.04
1 Pot de Café (en paille) 350.00  5.64 350.00 5.64
1 caisse de Hareng 2250.00 38.65 2400.00 38.65
1 Caisse de Spagetti 575.00  9.30 575.00 9.30
1 Sac de Charbon 250.00 4.02 200.00 3.22
1 Gallon de Kerozène (gaz blanc) 250.00 4.02 250.00 4.02
1 Sac de Ciment 450.00 7.25 450.00 7.25
1 Gallon de Gazoline 300.00 4.83 300.00 4.83
1 Caisse de Savon 450.00 7.25 450.00 7.25
*08/29/17(Taux de Change)

$1.00USD =

Remembering the KPP 2017 Annual Summer Camp.

The 2017 KPP Annual Summer Camp was held in Port-a-Piment for 2 weeks, from Monday July 10th through Friday July 21st.

Many challenges, mostly due to the ill effects of Hurricane Matthew had to be surmounted. For one, the locale used for the last 2 years was in the midst of an extensive renovation. Also, the buses used to ferry students on outings were not yet back in use. KPP stands grateful to the Sisters of St Anne, and particularly to Sister Yvelyne Fevrier, Director of the College Stella Maris, who agreed to the use of their facilities.

Recognizing the difficult moments encountered by the children in the wake of Matthew, KPP had set out to increase the number of participants and bring more Joy to the lives of the little ones. The 2017 Summer Camp counted 80 participants, or 20 more than the preceding year. As in the past, all participants were selected by their respective school administrators on the basis of academic excellence.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Paule Edline Orcel, Camp Director, the children enjoyed different activities throughout the day.


A typical day’s schedule would include:

Morning Prayer


Morning Talk

Breakfast of Porridge with Bread and Peanut Butter or Spaghetti and Herring

Welcoming a Guest Speaker

Activities, Individual or in Groups, including Songs, Poems, Puzzles, Arts and Crafts, Contests

Lunch of Sausages, Meatballs, “Legumes” or Fish with Rice or Cornmeal and Beans

Group activities and rehearsal of skits for the Graduation Ceremony.


During the Morning Talk, Mrs. Orcel and Mr. Frantz Jean,  KPP President,  discussed and reinforced the Camp’s themes which were –  for the first week:  How to be a Good Citizen, and  for the second week: Loving Nature and Protecting the Environment.

The Guest speakers included Mrs. Violette Jean , nurse at the local hospital, Mr. Phedeau Lubin, an environmental specialist; Father Cherfils, Pastor of the Church of Notre Dame du Rosaire, Officer   Paul Raymond of the Port-a-Piment Commisariat;  Mr. Abraham Gentil , Professor of Civics.

On Friday the 21st, the children, dressed in their Sunday best, and accompanied by their parents, participated in a graduation ceremony, where they recited poems, performed skits, songs and traditional dances. Mrs. Orcel, Mr.  Frantz Jean, and Mrs. Carolle Paul, Vice President  of KPP, Inc took turns to thank the parents for their trust, the children for their performance in school, and their stellar behavior at Camp. They reiterated the goals of Konbit Pou Potapiman which include promoting the value of Education and maximizing individual performance.

In turn, one parent, Mrs. Gina Regis expressed  the thanks of the community for these precious moments provided to the children of our beloved town.

Each child was awarded a Certificate of Attendance, and the gift of a school bag to prepare for the new academic year.

A modest reception of Punch and Sandwiches was enjoyed by all.

Konbit Pou Potapiman presents its sincere thanks to Mrs. Paule Edline Orcel, and her team of monitors,  kitchen and safety personnel, and general helpers who did a fantastic job of teaching life skills to the children in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, feeding them delicious meals and keeping them safe.

Thank you to our guest speakers who took the time to share their passion with the children.

Thank you to the special contributors to this project:  JGR COPA LLC of Hollywood Florida, Food for the Poor-Haiti-Mrs Doris A Izmery,  Mrs Marie-Therèse Boulos of Petracheve, Mr. Fenold Appolon,  Mr. Adeemir Dacenay. Your contributions were very much appreciated by the kids and staff.

Thank you to Dr Eileen Jerome, and The Links Incorporated (FL) Fort Lauderdale Chapter for the donation of school bags to the children of Port-a-Piment.

Thank you to Carolle Paul, Frantz and Nicole Jean for planning different aspects of the Summer Camp for the last 5 years.

And Thank You to each and every one who through a generous donation supported KPP in this activity. We at KPP, as well as the children of Port-a-Piment, will forever be grateful.. Please click on this link: