Nouvelles en bref

16 novembre 2016.– Prix des produits sur le marché portapimentais.

Produits Gourde ***US Dollar Gourde   US Dollar
Date 16/11/16 11/16/16 26/08/16 08/26/16
1 Marmite de Riz 180.00 2.70 180.00 2.77
1 Marmite de Mais   84.00 1.26   84.00 1.29
1 Marmite de Blé  180.00 2.70 180.00 2.77
1 Marmite de Petit-Mil  120.00 1.80 120.00 1.85
1 Marmite de Pois  300.00 4.50 300.00 4.63
1 Marmite de Pistache  250.00 3.75 250.00 3.85
1 Marmite de Farine  120.00 1.80 120.00 1.85
1 Marmite de Sucre  240.00 3.60 240.00 3.70
1Marmite Sel de cuisine    50.00 0.75   30.00 0.46
1 Gallom d’Huile  375.00 5.63 350.00 5.40
1 Pot de Café (en paille)  225.00 3.37 250.00 3.85
1 Livre de Poisson  125.00 1.87 125.00 1.93
1 Livre de Viande  150.00 2.25 100.00 1.54
1 Sac de Charbon  200.00 3.00 300.00 4.63
1 Gallon de Kerozène  225.00 3.37 225.00 3.47
1 Sac de Ciment  525.00 7.88 535.00 8.25
*** 16/11/2016(Taux de Change) $1.00USD = 66.65HTG

A note on the State of the Schools in Port-a-Piment.

The school system in Port-a-Piment comprises a number of facilities. We note:

At the Elementary level : Jardin Vert, Mixed Tabernacle, Ecole Nationale de Figuiers, Ecole Fondamentale d’Application (EFA), Notre Dame du Rosaire, Ecole Baptiste

At the Secondary level : College Stella Maris, Lycee de Port-a-Piment, Ecole Baptiste, College Woody Damas

Trade Schools : Ecole Professionnelle de Grand Passe (CSCSH), Centre Esther Blondin

AS Hurricane Matthew was announced, some of the schools were designated as shelters. Residents took refuge at the Lycee de Port-a-Piment, College Stella Maris, Ecole Nationale de Figuiers, the EFA.

From our associate in Port-a-Piment we learned that :

Ecole Mixte Tabernacle has lost its roof. Tarps have been put in place, and the school plans to reopen on November 7th.

Jardin Vert is destroyed.

College Woody Damas has lost part of its surrounding wall. It is still being used as a shelter.

Ecole Baptiste has had some preliminary repairs. The classes of “9eme Annee Fondamentale” and of “Philo” have resumed, but without a functioning canteen. All classes are slated to reopen on November 7th.

EFA has lost most of its roof, and is still being used as a shelter. Repairs are being done. College Stella Maris: The surrounding wall is down. It is slated to reopen on November 7th.

Ecole Notre Dame du Rosaire has sustained extreme damage.

Ecole Nationale de Figuiers. Only the Director’s office and 3 classrooms still have a roof. These rooms are being used as shelters.

Lycee de Port-a-Piment is being used as a shelter.

Ecole Professionelle de Grand Pass has significant damage. The surrounding wall is down.

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All the small villages of the commune report that the schools have been completely destroyed. At the Ecole Nationale de Dolian, Ecole Nationale de Potus, Ecole Nationale de Guillaume, only the walls are left standing.

It is our hope that in the next few weeks, life in the school system will return to a near normal.

Konbit Pou Potapiman will provide a stipend to the parents of the students enrolled in the KPP Sponsorship Program to help defray the cost of replacing school supplies.