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05/01/17-. Prix des produits sur le marché portapimentais:

Produits Gourde *US Dollar Gourde   US Dollar
Date 26/12/16 12/26/2016 16/11/16 11/16/2016
1 Marmite de Riz 150.00 2.26 180.00 2.70
1 Marmite de Mais 100.00 1.50   84.00 1.26
1 Marmite de Blé 150.00 2.26 180.00 2.70
1 Marmite de Petit-Mil 150.00 2.26 120.00 1.85
1 Marmite de Pois 360.00 5.42 300.00 4.50
1 Marmite de Pistache 100.00 1.50 250.00 3.75
1 Marmite de Farine 100.00 1.50 120.00 1.80
1 Marmite de Sucre 200.00 3.01 240.00 3.60
1Marmite Sel de cuisine 75.00 1.13   50.00 0.75
1 Gallom d’Huile 400.00 6.02 375.00 5.63
1 Pot de Café (en paille) 225.00 3.39 225.00 3.37
1 Livre de Poisson 150.00 2.26 125.00 1.87
1 Livre de Viande 150.00 2.26 150.00 2.25
1 Sac de Charbon 150.00 2.26 200.00 3.00
1 Gallon de Kerozène 225.00 3.39 225.00 3.37
1 Sac de Ciment 525.00 7.90 525.00 7.88
1 Caisse de Hareng 2500.00 37.62 N/A
1 caisse de Savon 425.00 6.40 N/A
*26/12/2016(Taux de Change)
$1.00USD =


On behalf of the Board of Directors, Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc. wishes you all a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

As 2016 draws to a close, we look ahead to 2017 with confidence and determination to meet the challenges ahead. We thank each and everyone of you who supported us during 2016 and we look forward to a stronger partnership. Thank you for your continued readership.   Please take a moment to view a summary of 2016 KPP’s activities in the commune of Port-a-Piment that your donations have allowed us to do:

KPP 2016 Summary of Activities




KPP Agricultural Jabouin project

12-13-2016.-As part of KPP’s commitment to help the commune of Port-a-Piment face a scarcity of food in the coming months, we initiated the agricultural Jabouin Project. Jabouin is a small village located at approximately 2 hours walking distance from the town of Port-a-Piment. Jabouin is known for its wide range of fertile land. Hurricane Matthew of last October dealt a devastating blow to the agricultural life of the village and its inhabitants. Its 92 family homes were destroyed; all crops and animals were wiped out.

The project aims to avert or minimize the shortage of food that will happen if no action is taken..

In Jabouin, KPP representatives met a number of peasants/ land owners willing to work together to reconstruct their lives, their community and to contribute to the other communes in the area. Accompanied by an agricultural expert, KPP members held meetings with more than 60 peasants and land owners. The peasants expressed their concerns which mainly centered on the fact that their fields were destroyed and they now lack the means to start over. A decision was made to grow corn and beans.Using the Konbit concept where all will work a tract of land before moving to the next one; the peasants are now cleaning their fields (a total of about 10 acres of land) which soon will be ready for planting.


Seeds and fertilizer will be provided by KPP under the supervision of the local agronomist.  The peasants are hoping for a harvest in the next 4 to 5 months.

We thank each and everyone of you who contributed to make this project a reality. Please follow us online via  for more updates.