Summer Camp for the elderly in Port-a-Piment!

This year something new was introduced   “A Summer Camp For Adults 65 and Beyond”

The idea of having a summer camp for elderly people was conceived by Danie Lubin, a member of KPP who lives in Boston. Danie came up with the idea of a summer camp for kids five years ago which today is a great success.  She figured she could do the same for this forgotten group of people of Port a Piment.

When she called the president of KPP, Frantz J Jean, to make him aware of her intentions, the idea was well received. It was then presented to the board who did not hesitate to rally behind her to give her both moral and financial support.

On Monday July 18th it became a reality. The Adult Summer Camp was a place where elderly adults could go for a week to receive two meals each day and socialize with their peers, doing arts and crafts and singing.

On the first day twenty-eight adults attended and Dr. Eddy Jean Baptiste was on hand to check their blood pressure and also offer medical advice. They were then served breakfast and seated on a patio where they listened to KPP’s president Frantz J Jean and vice president Carolle Paul who shared with them the great idea proposed by Danie Lubin.

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On Wednesday night Danie had a party for them where people from the town of Port-a-Piment were invited, including the new mayor, Raymond Pierre Louis, and natives who had traveled from abroad. They were treated to appetizers and were serenaded by young guitarists who sang and played music where the adults were able to reminisce and participate by singing and clapping.

One week and the participation of 28, this is only the beginning. I know Danie is looking forward to next year where she will increase the number of participants and will be very successful in achieving her goal.

Best of luck to you Danie and wishing you great success.


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