Update on the Water situation in Port-a-Piment

There is no need to remind anyone of the importance of water in a community. Access to clean and fresh water is a main concern in Haiti, where waterborne illnesses, such as typhoid, cholera, and chronic diarrhea, are the cause of more than half of the deaths in the country every year. Contaminated water is also one of the leading causes of childhood illnesses and the very high infant death rate in Haiti (57 for every 1000 births). Port-a-Piment is not exempt from these calamities. Since the hurricane of 2008, this community has been without a public water distribution system. Although Konbit Pou Potapiman, with the assistance of United Nations Development Program (UNDP), had managed to restore a system of water distribution for the community in 2012, hurricanes and other difficulties outside of KPP’s control resulted in numerous setbacks and a return to point zero.

As the saying goes, “Where there is a will there is a way”, KPP keeps knocking on doors to find answers. As a result of these efforts, we can share 2 pieces of encouraging news with you.

First, the Stopgap Water Project.

In the last few years, Port-a-Piment reached a water crisis; the local hospital was without water, schools were without water and most households are still without water. One can only imagine how basic needs are met; or better yet, how basic needs are not met. We at KPP decided that something had to be done. Not tomorrow but Now! And that’s how the concept of the Stopgap Water Project was born and implemented.

The Stopgap Water Project consists in the construction of artesian wells throughout the community to provide immediate relief to the water crisis. As the word stopgap implies, this is not a permanent solution. But it’s a solution that has provided a necessary “shot in the arm” which brought instant relief and smiles to a community. The project started in March 2016 and at the time of this writing, 6 wells have been constructed. These wells are at the: Hopital de Port-a-Piment (Hospital), Lycee de Port-a-Piment (School), College Stella Maris (School), EFACAP de Port-a-Piment (School), Ecole Nationale de Figuiers (School), and a Public well in the lower part of Figuiers.

efa-2016 figuiers-2o16 ecole-natiole-figuiers3

Simple things with enormous consequences are now happening in Port-a-Piment. Children in some schools now have the option of turning on the tap to maintain their cleanliness. Staff at  the community hospital can now wash their hands while attending to patients. Just imagine! These wells have made a world of difference. Inauguration of  the wells are a cause for celebration, with smiling children jumping with joy and pumping water from the well. We also received an email from Dr. Missole Antoine (Medical Director, a.i.) of the hospital thanking KPP and in particular Mr. Frantz Jean, President of KPP. In the email, Dr. Antoine underscores the successful collaboration between the hospital and KPP to bring water to the hospital which now contributes to better services.

hopital-pap_-water-available img-20160422-wa0004efa2-2016ecole-nationale-figuiers

Although we are not armed with statistics for this community, we can confidently say that the project is saving lives.

Of course, nothing can be done without the financial support from so many. We want to take this opportunity to thank all the folks who have contributed to KPP and in particular, Dr. Serge St. Gerard.

Dr St Gerard sponsored the construction of the well at the EFACAP school. He wished to honor the memory of his mother, Mrs Anne Muller St Gerard, an esteemed career educator who practiced her vocation in Borgne, Cap Haitien and Port-au-Prince.

Second, Revamping the Public Water System.

Since the hurricane of 2008 which destroyed the water system of Port-a-Piment, the community has been in a constant struggle to provide clean water to its citizens. With the assistance of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and DINEPA (Direction National de l’Eau Potable et de l’Assainissement), one giant step was taken when the system was partially repaired in 2012. However, Hurricane Sandy destroyed the work that had been achieved.

In a recent communication,  Ing. Pierre Michael Merisier, Deputy Technical Director of DINEPA, informed us that a project to revamp the system has been approved. In the last two months, a feasibility study has been updated and the bidding process is now being finalized.

Your contributions have helped so much with the water project and with all the different programs that KPP implements  in the areas of Education, Health, Sports, Infrastructure, Youth leadership … But the need is still great. A financial gift from you will be a big help in helping KPP reach its goals. No amount is too small nor too big: $20, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford. The needs are tremendous and urgent.

If you would like to donate, please send your donation to:

Konbit Pou Potapiman, Inc.

18421 NW 12th Street

Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

OR   Use the PAYPAL DONATION button on this site.

Konbit Pou Potapiman, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt not for profit organization.

Yves Sidney

On a Feminine note…

On Tuesday, April 5th 2016, Konbit Pou Potapiman (KPP) organized a Health Conference, its first to target the female adolescent population of Port-a-Piment.

One hundred and ninety (190) girls, from age 13 to 19, and from the 7 schools of the town attended the event from 12 Noon to 1:30PM at the Salle Paroissiale. Each group reported in, accompanied by their school directors.

They were greeted first by Frantz Jean, president of KPP Inc, and also by Mrs. Paule-Edeline Orcel, KPP Executive Secretary. Both welcomed the participants and encouraged them to take full advantage of the program.

DSC_0049 DSC_0053 DSC_0023DSC_0029

Mrs. Nicole Jean, KPP member, informed the audience of the sponsors of the program: The Links Incorporated, Fort Lauderdale(FL) Chapter and the Broward County Chapter of the United Nations Associations of the United States of America (UNA-USA). She advised them on the long relationship of KPP with these organizations and of their missions.

DSC_0022 DSC_0030 DSC_0027DSC_0052

IMAG0297 IMAG0294 IMAG0300 DSC_0054

Mrs. Orcel then introduced the guest speaker, Mrs. Violette Jean, Nurse at the local hospital. Mrs. Jean gently invited the male guests to step out as to offer full privacy to the teen girls.

Nurse Violette Jean has held many health sessions for KPP in the past and was very much at ease to discuss with the teen girls many different topics such as:

Body changes that occur with Puberty

Managing discomforts of monthly periods

Principles of feminine hygiene

Avoiding infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Practicing abstinence

Taking responsibility for birth control

And the newest danger to their health, the Zika virus, and its ill effects on pregnancies.

Throughout the talk, the focus remained on improving self-image, the importance of higher education, and avoiding pregnancies early in life, which hamper the girls’ education.

The talk included many light hearted moments and the girls felt at ease to ask questions and share health tips with their fellow teens.

The girls were then treated to their very own Hygiene kit. Mrs. Nicole Jean described the contents and the use of the different components.

DSC_0045 DSC_0046 DSC_0041

IMAG0304 IMAG0314IMAG0308

As the program reached its end, the teen girls expressed their thanks with a song, as each also received a pack of cookies for the road.

Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc. is grateful to the Links Incorporated, Fort Lauderdale (FL) Chapter, the Broward County Chapter of the United Nations Association of the United states of America (UNA-USA), for the gift of Hygiene kits. KPP thanks Violette Jean, Paule-Edeline Orcel, Nicole Jean, as well as the school administrators for their valuable cooperation. It is our hope that this program will contribute fully to the formation of the future mothers and the female leaders of tomorrow.

KPP-AMH 2015 Health Fair in Port-a-Piment, Haiti

On Monday July 20th and Tuesday July 21st,  Konbit Pou Potapiman (KPP) hosted its 2015 Annual Health Fair, at the local hospital of Port-a-Piment, Haiti. As in the previous years, the Health Fair was conducted in collaboration with the Association des Medecins Haitiens (AMH), the local hospital staff and KPP volunteers.

A total of 403 individuals received free health checkups and free medicines. They were also enlightened on the importance of good sanitary and health habits.(AMH report-Port a Piment foire 2015)

This health fair was successful and had a much greater than expected turnout.  On the first day, patients from the rural sections of Port-a-Piment Guillaume, Pernele, Potus, Paricot, Dolian, Dupin etc were accommodated. On the second day, the residents of the town of Port-a-Piment came in great numbers to benefit from this Health Fair.

The process was well organized. . Admissions cards had been previously distributed around town and villages. Patients had their cards validated and got registered.  At the opening of the morning and the afternoon session, and in the waiting room, Dr Levelt Jean of the AMH held an educational session on good health habits, disease prevention and the importance of health checkups..   Every hour thereafter, a KPP member would remind patients about the importance of follow up care.

The fair accomplished what we hoped it would. We provided a great deal of medical information and had professionals available to answer questions on issues that might be of concern to the patients. We also aimed to motivate attendees to seek help at the local hospital when not feeling well.

Seven (7) Doctors. Five (5) nurses and several KPP Volunteers were at hand to offer their services.

The AMH doctors, Dr Eddy Jean Baptiste, Dr Levelt Jean, Dr Katiana Romelus, Dr Jean Richard Vital;   the local hospital doctors  Dr Missole Antoine and Dr Cadet Atsaly  teamed up with  Dr Dominique A Jean of Los Angeles, California to provide all the necessary care during the two days .

« 1 of 20 »

We sincerely thank each of these dedicated doctors for the sacrifices made to come provide medical care to our brothers and sisters.

Our thanks go as well to the hospital administrator, Mr Jean Robert Isidore and his staff for the extraordinary support and dedication demonstrated during the two days.

To our sponsors especially, JGR C Copa LLC of Hollywood FL, Mrs. Marie-Therèse Boulos of PEHACHEVE, Haiti, Dr Dominique A Jean of California, Dr Jean-Claude Jacob of Florida , Mr and Mrs Lucien Jabouin of Florida, and to all those who supported the AMH on this project especially Laboratoire 4C, Famatrix and Prophalab agencies.

Renewed thanks to all the friends and supporters of KPP for their continued support in all we do.



On a Personal Note:

I had the privilege, for the second year in a row, to participate in the Konbit Pou Potapiman (KPP) Health Fair in Port-a-Piment, Haiti.  Although I am an Anesthesiologist and a Pediatric Anesthesiologist by sub-specialty training; I took on the role of a general practitioner for two days.  Since Creole is not my native language, I had a wonderful translator to assist me.  I saw and examined many different types of patients, but the one thing that they had in common is that they were thankful for free medical care and medications.

I saw many patients who had a history of Anemia and suffered from complications of general malnutrition.  Time and time again, many women came in with infections consistent with bathing in local rivers or with untreated water.  Older patients have been dealing with chronic pain and fatigue.  Some patients had more serious ailments.  I had one elderly patient who came in with an enlarged abdomen, generalized swelling and abdominal pain.   These are the hallmarks of suspected liver disease.  Liver disease is one of the more complicated diseases for which we refer people to hospitals in Port Salut or Les Cayes for further treatment.

I, as well as the other volunteer physicians, mostly saw patients with chronic untreated common illnesses such as Hypertension and Diabetes.  Many patients had seen physicians in the past for these problems, but no longer took their medication due to financial hardship.  It was not unusual to see patients with blood pressures of 200/100!  Several patients came in complaining of chronic headache and almost every time, it was due to untreated high blood pressure.  In contrast to the United States, tropical diseases are prevalent in Haiti.  We saw patients who suffered from Malaria, Typhoid fever, Cholera, and even the mosquito borne illness of Chikungunya.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to teach patients on being proactive about their health care.  I went over the importance of drinking and bathing in clean water.  I also discussed bringing old prescription bottles when seeing physicians, to help the doctors decipher a patient’s past medical history.  All in all, the KPP health fair was an eye opening and rewarding experience.  It was great to give back to this lovely community.

Dr. Dominique A. Jean

August 2015

The 2014 KPP-AMH Free Health Fair ..

On July 21st and 22nd 2014, Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc (KPP) in collaboration with the Association des Médecins Haitiens (AMH) held its annual Free Health Fair Clinic  at the hospital in Port-a-Piment.

People from all ages turned out for this event. More than 300 patients received free consultations and medicines. This Fair included information on diabetes, high blood pressure, hygiene and a chance to speak with qualified professionals.

It was a successful event by all accounts. The AMH  physicians, Dr Eddy Jean-Baptiste and Dr .Eder Jean Baptiste from Port-au-Prince and the local hospital physician Dr. Ronald Charles  teamed up with Dr Edwig Eugene from Louisiana and  Dr Dominique A Jean of Los Angeles, California  to provide all the necessary care.  A variety of health care professionals from the hospital and from abroad came in to help make these two days a great KPP-AMH event.

These two days have been a great success,” said Dr Dominique A Jean “I have seen a great turnout and I am happy to provide this service for the county of Port-a-Piment.”

Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc, thanks the members of KPP-Haiti for their support and collaboration.  We thank Dr. Dernst Jean Baptiste (Doc Eddy), Dr. Eder Jean Baptiste of AMH for their time and expertise at this event.

We also acknowledge the extraordinary sacrifices of Dr Edwig Eugene and Dr Dominique A Jean who volunteered  their time and services to our brothers and sisters of the county of Port-a-Piment.

Our sincere thanks go to volunteer KPP members, Mrs. Carolle Paul from Boca Raton, Fl, Mrs Nicole Jean from Pembroke Pines FL, Nurse Michelle Borgellas, Nurse Yvrose Lazarre and Mrs. Danie Lubin from Boston, MA for their outstanding contributions.  We also acknowledge the efforts and dedication of Mr. Jean Robert Isidor, the Hospital Administrator, Nurse Violette Jean of Port-a-Piment and the local hospital staff.

The   KPP–AMH Health Fair was made possible by many supporters and contributors. A special Thank You to:

Dr Marie Greta Roy Clement, President of the “Association des Medecins Haitiens (AMH) for the continuous support of AMH.

JGR Copa, LLC of Hollywood for its monetary contribution

Marie Therese Boulos of PEHACHEVE, Haiti for her monetary support.

Please see these pictures below:

Nouvelles en bref


21 février 2014.- Un nouvel Administrateur a été installé hier après-midi à l’hopital de Port-à-Piment. La cérémonie d’installation a été faite en présence des autorités locales et le personnel de l’hopital.  Nous nous rejouissons  du choix de Mr. Jean Robert Isidor et nous lui souhaitons une très fructueuse administration.

The 2013 KPP-AMH Health Fair….

On July 15th and 16th 2013, Konbit Pou Potapiman (KPP) and its partner, l’Association des Medecins Haitiens (AMH) hosted their annual Health Fair, which took place at the Hospital in Port-a-Piment. This health fair is essential to those in the Port a Piment community who are unable to afford medical care and medication.

This activity was a huge success by all standards.  A total of 300 patients received free consultations and medicines. Local KPP members as well as KPP members from abroad teamed up to provide an excellent service to the community that each of us loves dearly.

During each of the two day event, 150 patients attended the fair from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. They came from various parts of the city and the county at large. A great number of children accompanied by a parent were screened and received medical care.

The local hospital nursing staff was of great help in the screening process. The hospital pharmacists as well as volunteer KPP members formed a team to fill in the prescriptions. Patients didn’t have to wait too long to receive their medicines.  Those who needed special attention were quickly referred to the AMH doctors. Others, while waiting to be called were entertained and educated by KPP members who did an extraordinary job handling the crowd. People were reminded to be in charge of their health and that the checkup is a good way to assure better outcomes. Once they had been seen by the doctor and obtained their free medicines, almost all the patients had a kind word to show their appreciation: “Mèsi wi, mèsi anpil pou sa nou fè an. Ke Bondye beni w ak tout fanmi w” .

KPP was very pleased to renew the event this year. It was a wonderful activity to experience: helping in deeds and actions. KPP appreciates the help of the hospital staff and the cooperation of Dr Joseph Petit, the Hospital Director and Mr. Schiller Saint Vil the Hospital Administrator.

We thank Dr. Dernst Jean Baptiste (Doc Eddy), Dr. Rubency Charles, and Dr. Alain Jean Jacques who graciously volunteered their time and expertise to make this event a success.

Our sincere thanks go to volunteer KPP members, Mrs. Carolle Paul from Coral Springs, Fl, Mrs. Danie Lubin of Boston, Mrs Roselaure  Ducrepin and Mr. Norelus Sandaire (Tifrè) from Montreal, for their outstanding contributions.  We also acknowledge the efforts and dedication of local KPP Members especially, Mario Poindujour, Ceramieu Joseph and Pauledline Orcel.

The 2013 KPP –AMH Health Fair was made possible by many supporters and contributors. A special Thank You to:

Dr Ginette Lubin, President of the “Association des Medecins Haitiens (AMH) for the continuous support and true partnership of AMH

Unitransfer of Miami for its support

JGR Copa, LLC of Hollywood for its monetary contribution

PROPHALAB of Haiti for some donated medicines

Haiti Department de la Santé Publique  for its cooperation.

During these two days, the true spirit of Konbit was at work in full force. Congratulations to all for a job well done!

Please click on this link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ4lpwahzXA: 


Delivery of donations.

During the month of July 2013, Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc. presented to different organizations in Port-a-Piment donations that had been entrusted to KPP on their behalf.

Frantz Jean, President of KPP Inc., first met with the Hospital Administrator, Mr Schiller St Vil, to deliver boxes of medical and dental supplies provided by different individuals or organizations from abroad, including the Association des Medecins Haitiens , Class of 72 Association Inc.

DSC00804 DSC00802 DSC00800  DSC00805

Later, the president of KPP in Haiti, Jean-Robert Isidor, and Frantz Jean met with Sister Marie Thérèse  Morency of the Notre Dame du Rosaire School. The KPP officials delivered five laptop computers, as part of a shipment of donations from the Florida  Department of  Revenue. These laptops will replace outdated computers at the College Stella Maris that have fallen into disrepair.

DSC00698 DSC00696-2DSC00695-1

Also, KPP members Frantz Jean, Nicole Jean and Carolle Paul visited the  Centre de Développement Sur la Côte Sud d’Haïti (CDCSH)  located in Gran-Pass. CDCSH is the professional school that trains young people of the region in different domains such as masonry, plumbing, electricity, sewing and carpentry. They met with Mr Bien-Aimé, the school Administrator, and Ms. Rose-Adège Louis who directs the sewing curriculum of the school.

The KPP members presented to the school officials an array of fabrics, notions, patterns and other sewing needs. These items had been donated by Mrs. Livie Magloire Louis of Brussels, Belgium, who expresses much interest in the community of Port-a-Piment.

DSC00770 DSC00773 DSC00776 DSC00771 DSC00767 DSC00766

Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc joins the administration of the local Hospital, of the school Notre Dame du Rosaire/College Stella Maris  and of the CDCSH in thanking all for their concern and their donations.

Rapport d’activités de la Foire de la Santé organisée par l’Organisation Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc.(KPP) du 13 au 17 Juillet 2013

Composition de l’équipe :

Dr Eddy Jean Baptiste ;

Dr Alain Jean Jacques ;

Dr Ruben Charles

Mr. John Dor (Chauffeur)


  1. 1.     Offrir deux journées de clinique populaire en faveur de la population de Port-à-Piment ;
  2. 2.     Animer la foire de la santé.


L’équipe s’est rendue sur place le samedi 13 Juillet et la délégation présidée par le Dr Eddy Jean Baptiste est arrivée dans l’après-midi du même jour et fut accueillie en la résidence  de Mme Danie Lubin, d’où elle a pris logement sauf le chauffeur qui a décidé d`élire domicile dans un hôtel de la place pour des raisons de convenance personnelle et cela aux frais de la délégation puisque ce dernier affirme n`avoir pas encore en sa possession le per diem que devait lui remettre le MSPP qui avait la responsabilité de la logistique comme ce fut le cas lors des cinq dernières années ou cette activité a été réalisée. Les activités programmées  ont démarré dans la matinée du lundi 15 Juillet dans les locaux de l’Hôpital Communautaire de la ville (HCR) avec l’assistance de l’administrateur de l’hôpital rejoint plus tard par le Directeur médical qui est aussi un membre très actif de l`Association Médicale Haïtienne, du personnel de l’institution et certains membres du KPP. Il faut dire que l’enregistrement des patients a débuté deux jours plus tôt et vu que certains étaient déjà sur place assez tôt dans la matinée, il a fallu mobiliser une bonne partie du personnel de l`institution pour réduire le temps d’attente en commençant avec les séances de sensibilisation pendant qu’un autre groupe s’attelait dans l’enregistrement des signes vitaux et la prise de poids corps corporel. Pendant ces deux journées de travail, 282 patients (Voir tableau) des deux sexes ont bénéficié d’assistance conseil, de consultations médicales et de médicaments reçus en dons de certaines agences comme la Pharmatrix, la Prophalab et la 4 C. Ce stock fut complété par deux autres lots achetés à la Pharmatrix de façon à permettre à plus de patients de pouvoir honorer les prescriptions faites par les médecins. Il faut dire que tous les services sont offerts sur la base de la gratuité.


Tableau No 1

Tableau récapitulatif de la distribution des patients selon le sexe et le groupe d`âge pour Port-à-Piment pour les journées des 15 et 16 juillet 2013



Nombre total de patients



Sexe Féminin

Sexe Masculin

Sexe Féminin

Sexe Masculin







Pendant les deux journées, 282 patients ont bénéficié des services offerts et cela à leur grande satisfaction. La majorité de ces patients étaient des adultes soit 241 avec une nette prédominance des individus de sexe féminin soit 180 patients. La contribution du personnel de l`institution de santé mérite d`être signalée ainsi que celle des membres du KPP notamment dans l`enregistrement des patients et aussi dans la gestion des médicaments. Cependant le stock reçu des trois agences de produits pharmaceutiques ayant été jugé insuffisant, il a été décidé de le compléter par l`achat d`autres produits en conformité avec les pathologies les plus fréquentes dans la zone.

Cette année, les statistiques recueillies mettent en évidence la prédominance des problèmes de santé courants comme le diabète, l’hypertension artérielle, les douleurs rhumatismales, les bronchites, les anémies, les ulcères gastriques et quelques cas suspects de malaria et de typhoïde, d`hernie même si le tableau est dominé par les maladies d`origine hydro-fécales comme les infections génito-urinaires, les parasitoses intestinales et aussi deux cas de gastro-entérite. L`attention de ces derniers doit aussi être concentrée sur la problématique des infections génito-urinaires surtout d`origine vaginale et certainement associée à l`utilisation d`une eau contaminée pour les toilettes intimes afin de réduire les risques d`une extension de l`infection aux individus de sexe masculin et de stérilité chez les femmes de la zone.

Dans le cas des maladies chroniques, l`équipe a diagnostiqué 15 cas de diabète confirmés et 33 cas d`hypertension artérielle connus mais pour lesquels les patients prennent rarement leurs médicaments soit pour des raisons économiques ou par simple négligence. Les problèmes liés à l`hypertension artérielle aux complications cardiaques sont peut être associés à certaines habitudes alimentaires qui devraient porter le personnel de l`institution à intensifier les activités de sensibilisation visant à modifier ces comportements à risque surtout pour les gens d`un âge avancé. Deux cas de décompensation cardiaque en phase aigue ont été canalisés sur Port-au-Prince. Trois cas d`hémorroïde externe ont été diagnostiqués et référés au chirurgien sur place pour les suites médicales nécessaires.

L’AMH en est à sa sixième participation consécutive à cette activité et ce support est apprécié à sa juste valeur par les organisateurs (KPP) mais aussi par la population. Cette expérience sera certainement maintenue mais il est important qu’une meilleure planification soit faite notamment en ce qui concerne le nombre de médecins membres de l’AMH (cette année on attendait la présence d`un pédiatre, d`un OBGN, d`un ophtalmologue et d`un dentiste) pour cette activité à caractère humanitaire et qui donne de la visibilité certaine à l’association. Pour la gamme et la quantité de médicaments à rendre disponibles, un stock d`intrants injectables en voie d`expiration et non utilisables pour ce genre d`activités n`a pas pu être utilisé et doit être redistribué de toute urgence à l`HUEH pour les fins utiles. La problématique du suivi des patients ayant bénéficié des services durant ces trois journées a retenu notre attention.

A côté de l’AMH qui a fourni le staff médical, il nous faut mentionner l’appui logistique du MSPP qui  nous a prêté gracieusement le véhicule ainsi que le carburant sauf que pour le per diem du chauffeur, on est encore l`objet de pressions de ce dernier, très peu professionnel dans l`ensemble, afin qu`il puisse obtenir ses frais de voyage même si les dépenses pour son séjour sur le terrain ont été supporté par l`AMH. Il faut aussi mentionner la forte participation des MDSS de l’HCR de Port-à-Piment  ainsi que le Directeur médical qui a consenti à revoir avec nous les cas de chirurgie relevant de sa compétence. Le KPP, à travers ses  membres qui ont joué un rôle des plus actifs dans l’enregistrement  des patients, la détermination des signes vitaux et aussi dans l’achat et la distribution des médicaments.

Il nous faut signaler l’hospitalité sans faille reçue de Madame Danie Lubin et d’autres dirigeants de KPP tels que Frantz et Carole dont le dévouement inlassable pour le développement de la zone ne fait l’ombre d’aucun doute.

Un remerciement spécial doit être adressé aux Dr Jean Jacques et Charles et au  MSPP pour leur précieuse contribution. Cependant vu les problèmes  posés cette année par e déploiement sur le terrain de l`équipe médicale, on espère à l`avenir une meilleure coordination de cette activité par l`AMH notamment en ce qui concerne la logistique mais aussi la disponibilité et le type de médicaments à utiliser.

 Dr Dernst Eddy Jn Baptiste

Secrétaire Général AMH


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