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A KPP project: Cleaning up the town

11-02-2016.– “There is a great need to clear our environment from the debris left by the hurricane. This is a health hazard” said Mrs. Paule-Edeline Orcel, KPP representative in Port-a-Piment a few days after Hurricane Mathew devastated the southwest coast of Haiti.

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The consensus among the KPP members on the ground was to give top priority to a thorough cleaning of the town. This was approved by the Board of directors. KPP also obtained the approval of the town Mayor, Mr. Raymond Pierre Louis. And for the past two weeks, about 100 workers and supervisors, armed with tools purchased and provided by KPP were put to work to remove the trash and debris left by the storm. A team of 20 workers hired by the Mayor’s office were also at work at the center of the town. The task was enormous especially in the neighborhood of Figuiers.

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Today, the scars of destruction caused by Matthew remain very much visible. From left to right, scores of destroyed homes remind everyone that the town has yet to return to normalcy. However, the streets are no longer filled with the debris. The 21 streets of Port-a-Piment are free of the trash that was considered a health hazard for the citizens.

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On October 4th, Hurricane Matthew had struck hard at our town and desperation had set in the face of its citizens. KPP is proud to have put 100 people to work at a time when they needed most to earn a living with dignity.

KPP extends a warm Thank You to all who responded to our plea and efforts .We congratulate our members on the ground who did not waste time to assess the situation, set goals and get the work done.

World Cities Day

10-31-2016.- The United Nations has designated every 31st of October as World Cities Day. The General theme of World Cities is Better City, Better Life.
The goal of KPP is to improve the life of the citizens of Port-a-Piment through better health,good education and a higher economic status for the families.
.(Pic of Grandpass, Port-a-Piment, Haiti) granpass2-1

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Brief Update on the situation at the hospital in Port-a-Piment

10-21-16.– Doctors Without Borders has joined the staff of the hospital in its fight against the Cholera flare-up and to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew.

A team of 4 physicians from Doctors Without Borders, including one surgeon, now accompany the two physicians regularly assigned to the hospital. DSCN4047

It has been reported that  so far they have treated  195 patients with Cholera, 130 patients with wounds sustained during the hurricane.

A few deaths from Cholera have occurred at the hospital. However, a higher number of deaths have been recorded in the neighboring villages of the commune.


Nouvelles en bref

10-19-16. Konbit Pou Potapiman (KPP) members in Haiti are guiding us on the course of action to revitalize Port-a-Piment.

Sanitation is on the list of priorities. KPP has purchased the tools deemed necessary for cleaning up the town. Wheelbarrows, rakes, machetes, shovels have been delivered to Port-a-Piment. The cleaning schedule has been established. 120 people are working  to clear the town of debris left by Hurricane Matthew. The work started on Tuesday october 18th, 2016.

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KPP has acquired a solar powered water filtration system (gift from the non profit organization Men nan Men), capable of providing 500 gallons of potable water daily. Two young men from the locality had traveled to Port-au-Prince to be trained in the upkeep of the system. The filtration system is now operational.

We will keep you informed on our progress as we continue to assess the need to restore the projects damaged by hurricane Matthew .


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In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Port-a-Piment, Haiti

 October 14th, 2016.- Ten (10) days after Hurricane Matthew made landfall on the southwestern peninsula of Haiti, the situation on the ground continues to be worrisome.  Only a trickle of relief efforts is beginning to reach the area. The cholera epidemic and need for potable water continue to be the major problems facing the commune of Port-a-Piment.  The mayor, Mr. Raymond Pierre-Louis, told us that as of last weekend, 48 patients had died at the hospital following the hurricane. From the Konbit Pou Potapiman members on the ground, we are slowly getting a clearer picture of the extent of the devastation. So far:

  • In the first section of the commune (around Cavalier), 340 homes have been         totally destroyed, 54 people dead.
  • In both sections of the commune (Balai and Paricot) crops, trees and animals         have been wiped out
  • Town of Port-a-Piment – over 90% of homes damaged or destroyed…
  • In addition, the hospital in Port-a-Piment is overwhelmed with wounded and         people coming from all the surrounding areas suffering from Cholera.
   pap-after-matthew-3 img-20161012-wa0035-1 pap-after-matthew-4
Our efforts include interviews on radio stations to inform the world of what is going on, meeting with different organizations in the Diaspora to coordinate relief efforts for the peninsula, and the collection of funds through  www.gofundme.com/ 2twyaxph or the PayPal option at  www.portapiment.com
An action plan is being drawn jointly with members of KPP on the ground. We plan to revitalize the Paskoma valley so that crops could be harvested in a short period of time. Meetings are being conducted with the representative of the Agriculture Department to assess the needs for rapid intervention.  Also, members of KPP have identified the overall sanitation of the town as a priority where KPP should intervene to help in this emergency. Materials such as wheelbarrows, shovels have been ordered, to be shipped to Port a Piment to start the cleaning process over the 21 streets of the town. In collaboration with “Men nan Men organization”, medical supplies such as Diarrix will be distributed in the villages most affected by the cholera epidemic. Diarrix is a product that has proven to be very effective in stopping diarrhea. Its use will allow the patient enough time to reach the hospital for treatment.
Our liaison in Port-au-Prince, Dr Ernst Joseph is spearheading our efforts to provide clean water. KPP has secured a solar powered water filter as a gift from the“Men nan Men””  organization. Two young men from Port-a-Piment have already traveled to Port-au-Prince to be trained in the upkeep of the system. We expect the filter to be fully functional by next week. We will continue our search for a larger system as we move forward.
 photo-from-frantzmilou3 photo-from-frantzmilou photo-from-frantzmilou1
Although communications with our peers are very scarce, due to the damage that the phone system suffered during the passage of Hurricane Matthew, we will keep you informed of our progress. We thank all you who have already contributed to our relief efforts. The cause is noble. Your help is needed and please continue to invite friends to contribute.


Hurricane Matthew toll in Haiti rises to 1,000, dead buried in mass graves

(Source:Reuters- The Guam Daily Post 10-11-16)

Haiti started burying some of its dead in mass graves in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, a government official said on Sunday, as cholera spread in the devastated southwest and the death toll from the storm rose to 1,000 people.

The powerful hurricane, the fiercest Caribbean storm in nearly a decade, slammed into Haiti on Tuesday with 145 mile-per-hour (233 kph) winds and torrential rains that left 1.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said.

A Reuters tally of numbers from local officials showed that 1,000 people were killed by the storm in Haiti, which has a population of about 10 million and is the poorest country in the Americas.

The official death toll from the central civil protection agency is 336, a slower count because officials must visit each village to confirm the numbers.

Authorities had to start burying the dead in mass graves in Jeremie because the bodies were starting to decompose, said Kedner Frenel, the most senior central government official in the Grand’Anse region on Haiti’s western peninsula.

Great concern about cholera spreading

 Frenel said 522 people were killed in Grand’Anse alone. A tally of deaths reported by mayors from 15 of 18 municipalities in Sud Department on the south side of the peninsula showed 386 people there. In the rest of the country, 92 people were killed, the same tally showed.

Frenel said there was great concern about cholera spreading, and that authorities were focused on getting water, food and medication to the thousands of people living in shelters.

Cholera causes severe diarrhea and can kill within hours if untreated. It is spread through contaminated water and has a short incubation period, which leads to rapid outbreaks.

Government teams fanned out across the hard-hit southwestern tip of the country over the weekend to repair treatment centers and reach the epicenter of one outbreak.


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S.O.S pour Port-à-Piment, Haiti

07/10/2016.-Apres le cyclone Mathieu, la situation des résidents de la commune de Port-a-Piment va de mal en pis. Nous avons appris que l’Hôpital de Référence de Port-a-Piment regorge de blessés, de patients atteints de choléra. En plus de tout cela, l’enceinte sert de refuge à des centaines de gens démunis. Voyons ce que nous dit le quotidien haïtien le Nouvelliste: Prière de taper sur le lien ci-dessous:

Port-a-Piment news update

10-6-16 (9:30am) – It’s been reported that there are many casualties in the commune of Port-a-Piment especially in the villages such as Paricot, Potus, Guillaume etc..
The hospital is overwhelmed with the victims of hurricane Matthew: lots of wounded people
Our correspondent in PAP is screaming for help.
Please watch for an announcement for ways you can help via www.portapiment.com ..
Meanwhile, in Florida we are under a severe Hurricane WARNING.

Update on the Water situation in Port-a-Piment

There is no need to remind anyone of the importance of water in a community. Access to clean and fresh water is a main concern in Haiti, where waterborne illnesses, such as typhoid, cholera, and chronic diarrhea, are the cause of more than half of the deaths in the country every year. Contaminated water is also one of the leading causes of childhood illnesses and the very high infant death rate in Haiti (57 for every 1000 births). Port-a-Piment is not exempt from these calamities. Since the hurricane of 2008, this community has been without a public water distribution system. Although Konbit Pou Potapiman, with the assistance of United Nations Development Program (UNDP), had managed to restore a system of water distribution for the community in 2012, hurricanes and other difficulties outside of KPP’s control resulted in numerous setbacks and a return to point zero.

As the saying goes, “Where there is a will there is a way”, KPP keeps knocking on doors to find answers. As a result of these efforts, we can share 2 pieces of encouraging news with you.

First, the Stopgap Water Project.

In the last few years, Port-a-Piment reached a water crisis; the local hospital was without water, schools were without water and most households are still without water. One can only imagine how basic needs are met; or better yet, how basic needs are not met. We at KPP decided that something had to be done. Not tomorrow but Now! And that’s how the concept of the Stopgap Water Project was born and implemented.

The Stopgap Water Project consists in the construction of artesian wells throughout the community to provide immediate relief to the water crisis. As the word stopgap implies, this is not a permanent solution. But it’s a solution that has provided a necessary “shot in the arm” which brought instant relief and smiles to a community. The project started in March 2016 and at the time of this writing, 6 wells have been constructed. These wells are at the: Hopital de Port-a-Piment (Hospital), Lycee de Port-a-Piment (School), College Stella Maris (School), EFACAP de Port-a-Piment (School), Ecole Nationale de Figuiers (School), and a Public well in the lower part of Figuiers.

efa-2016 figuiers-2o16 ecole-natiole-figuiers3

Simple things with enormous consequences are now happening in Port-a-Piment. Children in some schools now have the option of turning on the tap to maintain their cleanliness. Staff at  the community hospital can now wash their hands while attending to patients. Just imagine! These wells have made a world of difference. Inauguration of  the wells are a cause for celebration, with smiling children jumping with joy and pumping water from the well. We also received an email from Dr. Missole Antoine (Medical Director, a.i.) of the hospital thanking KPP and in particular Mr. Frantz Jean, President of KPP. In the email, Dr. Antoine underscores the successful collaboration between the hospital and KPP to bring water to the hospital which now contributes to better services.

hopital-pap_-water-available img-20160422-wa0004efa2-2016ecole-nationale-figuiers

Although we are not armed with statistics for this community, we can confidently say that the project is saving lives.

Of course, nothing can be done without the financial support from so many. We want to take this opportunity to thank all the folks who have contributed to KPP and in particular, Dr. Serge St. Gerard.

Dr St Gerard sponsored the construction of the well at the EFACAP school. He wished to honor the memory of his mother, Mrs Anne Muller St Gerard, an esteemed career educator who practiced her vocation in Borgne, Cap Haitien and Port-au-Prince.

Second, Revamping the Public Water System.

Since the hurricane of 2008 which destroyed the water system of Port-a-Piment, the community has been in a constant struggle to provide clean water to its citizens. With the assistance of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and DINEPA (Direction National de l’Eau Potable et de l’Assainissement), one giant step was taken when the system was partially repaired in 2012. However, Hurricane Sandy destroyed the work that had been achieved.

In a recent communication,  Ing. Pierre Michael Merisier, Deputy Technical Director of DINEPA, informed us that a project to revamp the system has been approved. In the last two months, a feasibility study has been updated and the bidding process is now being finalized.

Your contributions have helped so much with the water project and with all the different programs that KPP implements  in the areas of Education, Health, Sports, Infrastructure, Youth leadership … But the need is still great. A financial gift from you will be a big help in helping KPP reach its goals. No amount is too small nor too big: $20, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford. The needs are tremendous and urgent.

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