Port-a-Piment, six months after Hurricane Matthew

The pictures displayed on the following video were taken in April 2017 during our first visit after Hurricane Matthew devastated  Port-a-Piment, a town located on the southwest coast of Haiti.

Port-a-Piment , the beautiful town that we cherish and love still maintains its charm and elegance. The scars of Matthew are everywhere. We have noticed many damaged or destroyed homes.. However,  efforts are being done by many residents to repair their damaged homes.

The streets of Port-a-Piment  are clean and the residents keep their smile despite the hardship they are enduring.  Port-a-Piment needs more than ever the support of its sons, daughters and friends.  Please click below:


Thank You!

The KPP Fundraising Gala of last Saturday, December 6th, 2014 was a success. More than 160 sons, daughters and friends of Port-a-Piment gathered at the Holiday Inn in Sunrise, Florida to support the KPP humanitarian activities.

Carolle Paul, Treasurer of KPP, opened the evening by welcoming the guests and by introducing the Board members. Those present were Serge Bellegarde, Geto Dumesle, Claudel Moise, Gerald Sidney, Edu Jean Marie, Vice President and Frantz J Jean, President.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Henriot St Gerard of Maryland. Dr. St Gerard is well known in our community as President of the Class of ’72 Association Inc  His association has been providing care and ongoing support to the hospital of Port-a-Piment. Dr. St Gerard captivated the audience with a topic of interest:  Non profit organizations in the Haitian context”. “Dr St Gerard’s speech was informative, helpful and entertaining. We were delighted to have him share his experiences. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank him for having taken time from his busy schedule to be with us.( Dr HENRIOT’s KPP Allocution )

It was then the turn of Frantz J Jean, President of KPP to welcome the guests and to give an overview of the activities of KPP in the last year. Special Thanks were formulated to the Eric Belfort family, Dr. Yolaine Sinady, Dr. Eddy Jean-Baptiste for their outstanding contributions to our cause. Rene Val, Thierry Theodore and  Saurel Descombes, all residents of Port-a-Piment, were also recognized.

Edu Jean-Marie, Vice President of KPP, invited the audience to make a one time donation to the KPP fund. We thank so many of our friends for responding positively, either with a contribution or with a pledge.

The rest of the evening was filled with a Chicken and Fish dinner, music and dance. The Black Stars group, led by Levelt Vital and Jean Maceres Romulus, both sons of Port-a-Piment, put on a superb show to the delight of the attendees. Thank you Levelt. Thank you Maso.

Our appreciation goes to everyone who joined us for the evening or sent in their donations. Please click on this link for pictures of the event.