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Brief Update on the situation at the hospital in Port-a-Piment

10-21-16.– Doctors Without Borders has joined the staff of the hospital in its fight against the Cholera flare-up and to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew.

A team of 4 physicians from Doctors Without Borders, including one surgeon, now accompany the two physicians regularly assigned to the hospital. DSCN4047

It has been reported that  so far they have treated  195 patients with Cholera, 130 patients with wounds sustained during the hurricane.

A few deaths from Cholera have occurred at the hospital. However, a higher number of deaths have been recorded in the neighboring villages of the commune.


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10-19-16. Konbit Pou Potapiman (KPP) members in Haiti are guiding us on the course of action to revitalize Port-a-Piment.

Sanitation is on the list of priorities. KPP has purchased the tools deemed necessary for cleaning up the town. Wheelbarrows, rakes, machetes, shovels have been delivered to Port-a-Piment. The cleaning schedule has been established. 120 people are working  to clear the town of debris left by Hurricane Matthew. The work started on Tuesday october 18th, 2016.

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KPP has acquired a solar powered water filtration system (gift from the non profit organization Men nan Men), capable of providing 500 gallons of potable water daily. Two young men from the locality had traveled to Port-au-Prince to be trained in the upkeep of the system. The filtration system is now operational.

We will keep you informed on our progress as we continue to assess the need to restore the projects damaged by hurricane Matthew .


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