Brief Update on the situation at the hospital in Port-a-Piment

10-21-16.– Doctors Without Borders has joined the staff of the hospital in its fight against the Cholera flare-up and to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew.

A team of 4 physicians from Doctors Without Borders, including one surgeon, now accompany the two physicians regularly assigned to the hospital. DSCN4047

It has been reported that  so far they have treated  195 patients with Cholera, 130 patients with wounds sustained during the hurricane.

A few deaths from Cholera have occurred at the hospital. However, a higher number of deaths have been recorded in the neighboring villages of the commune.


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10-19-16. Konbit Pou Potapiman (KPP) members in Haiti are guiding us on the course of action to revitalize Port-a-Piment.

Sanitation is on the list of priorities. KPP has purchased the tools deemed necessary for cleaning up the town. Wheelbarrows, rakes, machetes, shovels have been delivered to Port-a-Piment. The cleaning schedule has been established. 120 people are working  to clear the town of debris left by Hurricane Matthew. The work started on Tuesday october 18th, 2016.

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KPP has acquired a solar powered water filtration system (gift from the non profit organization Men nan Men), capable of providing 500 gallons of potable water daily. Two young men from the locality had traveled to Port-au-Prince to be trained in the upkeep of the system. The filtration system is now operational.

We will keep you informed on our progress as we continue to assess the need to restore the projects damaged by hurricane Matthew .


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In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Port-a-Piment, Haiti

 October 14th, 2016.- Ten (10) days after Hurricane Matthew made landfall on the southwestern peninsula of Haiti, the situation on the ground continues to be worrisome.  Only a trickle of relief efforts is beginning to reach the area. The cholera epidemic and need for potable water continue to be the major problems facing the commune of Port-a-Piment.  The mayor, Mr. Raymond Pierre-Louis, told us that as of last weekend, 48 patients had died at the hospital following the hurricane. From the Konbit Pou Potapiman members on the ground, we are slowly getting a clearer picture of the extent of the devastation. So far:

  • In the first section of the commune (around Cavalier), 340 homes have been         totally destroyed, 54 people dead.
  • In both sections of the commune (Balai and Paricot) crops, trees and animals         have been wiped out
  • Town of Port-a-Piment – over 90% of homes damaged or destroyed…
  • In addition, the hospital in Port-a-Piment is overwhelmed with wounded and         people coming from all the surrounding areas suffering from Cholera.
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Our efforts include interviews on radio stations to inform the world of what is going on, meeting with different organizations in the Diaspora to coordinate relief efforts for the peninsula, and the collection of funds through 2twyaxph or the PayPal option at
An action plan is being drawn jointly with members of KPP on the ground. We plan to revitalize the Paskoma valley so that crops could be harvested in a short period of time. Meetings are being conducted with the representative of the Agriculture Department to assess the needs for rapid intervention.  Also, members of KPP have identified the overall sanitation of the town as a priority where KPP should intervene to help in this emergency. Materials such as wheelbarrows, shovels have been ordered, to be shipped to Port a Piment to start the cleaning process over the 21 streets of the town. In collaboration with “Men nan Men organization”, medical supplies such as Diarrix will be distributed in the villages most affected by the cholera epidemic. Diarrix is a product that has proven to be very effective in stopping diarrhea. Its use will allow the patient enough time to reach the hospital for treatment.
Our liaison in Port-au-Prince, Dr Ernst Joseph is spearheading our efforts to provide clean water. KPP has secured a solar powered water filter as a gift from the“Men nan Men””  organization. Two young men from Port-a-Piment have already traveled to Port-au-Prince to be trained in the upkeep of the system. We expect the filter to be fully functional by next week. We will continue our search for a larger system as we move forward.
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Although communications with our peers are very scarce, due to the damage that the phone system suffered during the passage of Hurricane Matthew, we will keep you informed of our progress. We thank all you who have already contributed to our relief efforts. The cause is noble. Your help is needed and please continue to invite friends to contribute.