2013 KPP election results

4-05-2013.- The Annual General Meeting of Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc was held on March 30th, 2013 where the new board of Directors was elected. The  Board of 9 members is:

President  Frantz J Jean-(returning)                                              
Vice-President  Edu Stanley Jean-Marie-(new)           
Treasurer  Carolle Paul- (returning)                                                     
Secretary  Carmelle Lubin Oriole-(returning)                                  
Director Geto Dumesle-(returning)                                                   
Director Colette St-Gerard-(returning)                                       
Director Gerald Sidney -(new)                                                        
Director Serge Bellegarde-(new)                                                    
Director Claudel Moise(new)                                                             

Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc wishes to thank former Vice-President, Mrs Colette St Gerard for her outstanding service. She remains on the board as Director.  Our thanks go to former Directors Jean Maceres Romulus and Jacques Stanley Damas for their hard work and excellent service. We congratulate our Vice- President -elect, Mr Edu Stanley Jean-Marie and wish him much success.  Our best wishes go to the new elected Directors  : Mr Serge Bellegarde, Mr Gerald Sidney, and Mr Claudel Moise. A sincere thanks goes to Mr Yves Sidney and Peggy Damas Rivera of the election committee for their outstanding service

Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc depends heavily on its volunteer leaders who are so giving of their time and so deeply committed to advancing our organization.  Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc is a 501-c-3 not for profit organization whose mission is to engage in charitable activities beneficial to the county of Port-Piment , Haiti. Contributions or donations made to Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc are fully tax deductible.