Reopening of the KPP Children’s Library

On Saturday April 1st, Konbit Pou Potapiman took the important step of reopening its Children’s Library. Following the passage of Hurricane Matthew last October 4th, the KPP Library had been completely destroyed, with a collapsed roof and all books and chairs blown away. Of our former library, only 3 tables remain.

To us at KPP, it had become imperative to reopen the library, so as to continue to fuel an interest for reading in the youth of Port-A-Piment.

To secure a place, KPP again turned to the Director of the local Ecole Fondamentale d’Application (EFA), Dir. Josue Paul, who kindly allowed the use of a large classroom during library hours. Thank you so much, Dir. Josue, for your continued support.

From boxes of donated books, stored at a different location, also affected by the hurricane, we were able to rescue only 125 children’s books.


This led us to investigate alternate means of getting the kids to read again. We decided on a trial of a Digital Library section. Electronic readers can store a great number of books in a small device, and they are easier to safeguard in case of impending disasters.

With the help of dear friends, KPP secured a total of 10 Kindle readers, downloaded with a number of children’s and young people’s books.

On April 1st, our young readers were eager to attend the KPP Library again. Needless to say that the children were quite enthusiastic to experiment with the digital devices.


KPP takes this opportunity to recognize the friends who donated electronic readers to the library, in particular, Dr Edwig Eugene, Yves Sidney, Dr Dominique Jean, Guy Antoine, Renel and Cindy Jean.

If you would like to help build up our digital library, please consider donating your used, de-registered Kindle to Konbit Pou Potapiman. You may contact us at 516- 270-6144.

A special Thank you goes also to the team of teachers in Port-a-Piment, who work tirelessly at the KPP library to help improve the children’s education. Thank you Mrs Paule-Edline Orcel, Ms Joceline Julien and Mr Gary Moise.

Konbit Pou Potapiman thanks each and every one for your support, as we continue to pursue the dream of building our very own Library.

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