Update# 3

Konbit for Port-à-Piment

November 14, 2008

Dear citizens and friends of Port-à-Piment,

This is to inform you that the sum of two thousands five hundred dollars [$2500.00] has been transferred to the local authorities in Port-à-Piment on November 3rd, 2008 as planned. The mayor’s office has confirmed receipt of the money.

From our representative, Mr. Edwin J Emile, we learned that the clean up project has started since Monday, November 9, 2008. The project is expected to last 12 days. We plan to provide you with the pictures once the job is completed.

Meanwhile, we created a blog for “Konbit for Port-a-Piment’. All of our correspondence and activities are displayed for everyone to see. Please check the following site: www.portapiment.wordpress.com

We encourage you to forward your feedback at potapiman@yahoo.com

We thank you for your generosity toward our brothers and sisters in Port-à-Piment.

As promised, we will continue to keep you informed of what’s going on. Thank you for your patience and good will.


Frantz J Jean [fj]



 On Fri, 10/31/08, laura.avalos

From: laura.

Subject: Re: Muchas Gracias Hermanos y Hermanas por el Concierto solidario(Haiti)
To: “” “”Jean Saint-Vil”

Cc: “frantz jean” <potapiman@yahoo.com>
Date: Friday, October 31, 2008, 3:47 PM


Fue un placer y un gusto!!


I also hope that I will be able to travel again to Haiti and visit our brother and sisters and -à-Piment.


In solidarity,

Laura Avalos Ibarra

“Cambia, todo cambia….pero no cambia mi amor, ni el recuerdo, ni el dolor de mi pueblo y de mi gente”

“Tout change, tout change … mais ne changent pas mon amour pour mon pays, ni les souffrances de mon peuple et des miens, ni le douloureux souvenir que j’en garde