A KPP project: Cleaning up the town

11-02-2016.– “There is a great need to clear our environment from the debris left by the hurricane. This is a health hazard” said Mrs. Paule-Edeline Orcel, KPP representative in Port-a-Piment a few days after Hurricane Mathew devastated the southwest coast of Haiti.

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The consensus among the KPP members on the ground was to give top priority to a thorough cleaning of the town. This was approved by the Board of directors. KPP also obtained the approval of the town Mayor, Mr. Raymond Pierre Louis. And for the past two weeks, about 100 workers and supervisors, armed with tools purchased and provided by KPP were put to work to remove the trash and debris left by the storm. A team of 20 workers hired by the Mayor’s office were also at work at the center of the town. The task was enormous especially in the neighborhood of Figuiers.

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Today, the scars of destruction caused by Matthew remain very much visible. From left to right, scores of destroyed homes remind everyone that the town has yet to return to normalcy. However, the streets are no longer filled with the debris. The 21 streets of Port-a-Piment are free of the trash that was considered a health hazard for the citizens.

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On October 4th, Hurricane Matthew had struck hard at our town and desperation had set in the face of its citizens. KPP is proud to have put 100 people to work at a time when they needed most to earn a living with dignity.

KPP extends a warm Thank You to all who responded to our plea and efforts .We congratulate our members on the ground who did not waste time to assess the situation, set goals and get the work done.

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