2017 Prix d’Excellence Eric Belfort

Konbit Pou Potapiman highly values student engagement and academic excellence . The key objectives of the end of the year awards are to promote academic excellence and to provide formal recognition of student stellar performance during the school year.

The 2016- 2017 school year is recognized as a very special one. It is the year when all the local schools were seriously damaged by Hurricane Matthew.  In spite of the great difficulties, the award nominees showed resilience, determination and discipline so as to obtain the highest scores in their respective schools.

On Sunday July 2nd , Konbit Pou Potapiman, presented the “” Prix d’Excellence Eric Belfort” to 7 students  of the commune of Port-a-Piment . On the occasion, a special mass was celebrated at the “Salle Paroissiale” of the Notre Dame du Rosaire Church. A large crowd was in attendance  among which were  school directors , teachers , students from various schools, parents and guests.

In her presentation, Mrs. Paule Edeline Orcel, the KPP representative, took the opportunity to thank those present and specially the parents for their courage and efforts. She also thanked the Eric Belfort family who consistently during the past 4 years has supported KPP in its efforts to promote the value of education,

The recipients of the Prix d’Excellence Eric Belfort are as follows.:

Name                                                               School                                           Grade

Magda Blanc                                                    College Stella Maris                      9ieme Année Fondamentale

Louis Roobens                                                 College Stella Maris                      9ième Année Fondamentale

Charline Jean-Baptiste                                     EFA                                               9ième Année Fondamentale

Charlie Ibas                                                      Evangelique Baptiste                    9ieme Annee Fondamentale

Vilpick Rosmain                                                Evangélique Baptiste                    9ième Année Fondamentale

Jean Menold Rendicho                                     Lycée de Port-a-Piment                Rhéto

Esto Gelin Hyppolite                                         Lycée de Port-a-Piment                Rhéto

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