Dr Charles Sinady Teacher Awards

On Saturday May 17th, 2014, students, directors and teachers from different local schools of the county of Port-a-Piment were at the rendezvous at the EFACAP to celebrate the Teachers Day.

The Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc. (KPP) representative, Mrs. Pauledeline Orcel accompanied by the local KPP members participated to present the KPP Dr Charles Sinady Award of Excellence to 4 distinguished teachers.

The KPP Teachers Awards is a new program designed to   encourage excellence in classroom teaching. It aims at recognizing outstanding teachers whose leadership, discipline , performance , dedication and behavior inspire a love for teaching as well as a love of learning in students.

This program was made possible thanks to a donation made by Dr Yolene Sinady of Boca Raton, Florida. The awards were named after her late Husband, Dr Charles Sinady, a native of Port-a-Piment.

The winners were chosen by the directors of their respective  schools and they were:

Mr. Lindor André, 6th Grade Teacher of Ecole EFACAP de Port-a-Piment;

Mr. Jean Charles Elisée, 5th Grade Teacher of Ecole Nationale de Guillaume;

 Mr. Lucner Charles, 6th Grade Teacher of Ecole Nationale de Figuiers

Mrs. Germine Francois Damas , 6th Grade Teacher of Ecole Notre Dame du Rosaire.

Each recipient of the KPP Charles Sinady Award of Excellence received a certificate and a cash prize equivalent to 4500 Haitian Gourdes.

The KPP Board of Directors thanks Dr Yolene Sinady for her support and generosity toward the people of Port-a-Piment.

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