Distribution of school supplies

Port-a-Piment continues to struggle to regain its momentum after the devastating hurricane of October 4th 2016.  The schools of the commune of Port-a-Piment are functioning under extreme stress to perform. The deprivation of basic materials and schools supplies is astonishing. It’s hard to imagine doing schoolwork without ordinary supplies like paper and pencils, blackboards, chairs,student desks etc…Yet many students in remote and economically depressed villages of the commune struggle against such odds. As the director of the Ecole Nationale de Potus told us:” Mr. Jean the kids are coming to school empty handed,  they have nothing to write, teachers have no blackboards..“.

To help these schools cope with their hardships, blackboards, student desks, chairs, desks were ordered and notebooks, pens and pencils for each student were purchased and delivered last month to the following schools by representatives of KPP

Schools                                                 # Students

Ecole Nationale de Dolian                           159

Ecole Nationale de Guillaume                     212

Ecole Nationale de Potus,                           170

Ecole Nationale de Cavalier                        150

In addition to these schools, the 631 students of the Ecole Fondamentale d’Application de Port-a-Piment (EFA) received notebooks, pens and pencils. The distribution was coordinated by the KPP representative Mrs. Paule Edeline Orcel, assisted by KPP members Joceline Julien and Emiel Jacob with the full cooperation of the schools directors.















Thanks to all who have responded to our appeal.We appreciate your generosity as we strive to help Port-a-Piment regain a better life. Your donations made a difference.  No amount is too small and every dollar helps to support our programs.

Nouvelles en bref

03/02/17-. Prix des produits sur le marché portapimentais:

Produits Gourde *US Dollar Gourde   US Dollar
Date 26/01/17 01/26/2017 26/12/16 12/26/2016
1 Marmite de Riz 150.00  2.25 150.00 2.26
1 Marmite de Mais 100.00 1.50 100.00 1.50
1 Marmite de Blé 180.00  2.70 150.00 2.26
1 Marmite de Petit-Mil 200.00  3.00 150.00 2.26
1 Marmite de Pois 375.00  5.62 360.00 5.42
1 Marmite de Pistache 150.00  2.25 100.00 1.50
1 Marmite de Farine 100.00  1.50 100.00 1.50
1 Marmite de Sucre 200.00  3.00 200.00 3.01
1Marmite Sel de cuisine 75.00  1.12   75.00 1.13
1 Gallom d’Huile 375.00  5.62 400.00 6.02
1 Pot de Café (en paille) 250.00  3.75 225.00 3.39
1 caisse de Hareng 2500.00  37.46 2500.00 37.62
1 Caisse de Spagetti 550.00 8.24 N/A N/A
1 Sac de Charbon 175.00  2.62 150.00 2.26
1 Gallon de Kerozène (gaz blanc) 200.00  3.00 n/a n/a
1 Sac de Ciment 525.00  7.87 525.00 7.90
1 Gallon de Gazoline 250.00  3.74 2500.00 3.76
1 caisse de Savon 400.00  5.99 425.00  6.40
*26/01/2017(Taux de Change)
$1.00USD =


01/11/17.- The KPP agricultural project in Jabouin is moving forward. More than 70% of the land targeted is ready for planting. Beans and corn seeds have been purchased and distributed to the farmers by representatives of Konbit Pou Potapiman.


Using the Konbit concept where all will work a tract of land before moving to the next one, more than 60 farmers  are now planting the seeds of corn and bean under the guidance of the local agronomist and the technical agricultural expert. A portion of the land is being utilized to build garden beds for vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants and peppers.