On Sunday June 5th, a distinguished gathering took place at the Church of Notre Dame du Rosaire in Port-a-Piment, to celebrate three important events in the life of the community.

  • The Graduation of the students of Cred’ENI (Centre de Recherche en Education pour le Developpement Ecole Normale d’Instituteurs)
  • The Graduation of the class of 9eme Annee Fondamentale of the College Stella     Maris
  • The “Prix d’Excellence Eric Belfort” Awards by Konbit Pou Potapiman (KPP).      These awards are presented to the best performing students of the commune, by recommendation of the school administrators.

An assembly comprised of students, school directors, teachers, graduates, parents, clergy, friends and guests filled the church to capacity to first help celebrate the traditional mass. The participation of the  “Chorale Vertus Dei” and the Chidrens’ Mimes ensured a grandiose ceremony and a most memorable time by all.

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At the end of the mass, the Parish Pastor introduced Mrs. Paule Edeline Orcel, KPP Board member in charge of the Award presentation. Mr. Jean Marc Auguste and Mr. Eliovil JeanBaptiste, also KPP members, accompanied Mrs Orcel to the podium.

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Seven students, from four schools of the commune received the awards, while accompanied by their parents. They were presented with a Certificate as well as with a Cash envelope, to help defray the cost of higher education.

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The 2016 recipients of the PRIX d‘EXCELLENCE ERIC BELFORT are:

Marcelin  Pierre-Louis              College Stella Maris

Villiana Musac                          EFA(Ecole Fondamentale d’Application)

Linord Pierre-Louis                  Ecole Evangélique Baptiste

Modelin Horacius                      Lycée de Port-a-Piment

Ruth Salomon                           Collège Stella Maris

Oxenson Registe                      Ecole Evangélique Baptiste

Miermont Francois                   Lycée de Port-a-Piment

Some of the award recipients and their parents took to the podium to express their gratitude to KPP and to the sponsors of the program, as did the Director of the College Stella Maris.

Konbit Pou Potapiman is proud to continue this tradition of rewarding academic excellence, and in turn, thanks its supporters, particularly the family of the late Eric Belfort for providing the funds for this activity. Thank you all.


A Spelling Contest in Port-a-Piment

From January 2016 through March 2016, the commune of Port-a-Piment held its first spelling contest between 5 different schools. The contest was strictly reserved for students of the first two cycles of basic education and was held in both of Haiti’s languages: Kreyol and French.

Each school was represented by a team of 5 students. The participating schools were : Ecole Nationale de Figuiers, Ecole Nationale de Labeyi, Ecole Nationale de Potus, Ecole Evangélique Baptiste de Port-a-Piment, Ecole Mixte Tabernacle de Granpass.

Organized by NOSH, a local organization and sponsored by Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc (KPP), this spelling contest aims to encourage students to demonstrate their talents and accomplishments through oral spelling of words. It is designed to help students not only improve their vocabulary skills, but also to learn concepts that will help develop the correct usage of French and Kreyol.

The final round of this important event was held on Wednesday March 16th, 2016 at the Evangélique Baptist Church in Port-a-Piment. The two teams finalists were Ecole Nationale de Potus and Ecole Evangelique Baptiste de Port-a-Piment. The contest was won by Ecole Nationale de Potus.

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This first Spelling contest was an overwhelming success. We would like to thank all the participants, students, teachers and staff who helped make the event a success.

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Congratulations to the team of the Ecole Nationale de Potus for winning the contest!

Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc, is proud to have sponsored Port-a-Piment’s First Spelling contest and hope to make it an annual event. Kudos to NOSH, the local organizer!