Remembering the KPP 2017 Annual Summer Camp.

The 2017 KPP Annual Summer Camp was held in Port-a-Piment for 2 weeks, from Monday July 10th through Friday July 21st.

Many challenges, mostly due to the ill effects of Hurricane Matthew had to be surmounted. For one, the locale used for the last 2 years was in the midst of an extensive renovation. Also, the buses used to ferry students on outings were not yet back in use. KPP stands grateful to the Sisters of St Anne, and particularly to Sister Yvelyne Fevrier, Director of the College Stella Maris, who agreed to the use of their facilities.

Recognizing the difficult moments encountered by the children in the wake of Matthew, KPP had set out to increase the number of participants and bring more Joy to the lives of the little ones. The 2017 Summer Camp counted 80 participants, or 20 more than the preceding year. As in the past, all participants were selected by their respective school administrators on the basis of academic excellence.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Paule Edline Orcel, Camp Director, the children enjoyed different activities throughout the day.


A typical day’s schedule would include:

Morning Prayer


Morning Talk

Breakfast of Porridge with Bread and Peanut Butter or Spaghetti and Herring

Welcoming a Guest Speaker

Activities, Individual or in Groups, including Songs, Poems, Puzzles, Arts and Crafts, Contests

Lunch of Sausages, Meatballs, “Legumes” or Fish with Rice or Cornmeal and Beans

Group activities and rehearsal of skits for the Graduation Ceremony.


During the Morning Talk, Mrs. Orcel and Mr. Frantz Jean,  KPP President,  discussed and reinforced the Camp’s themes which were –  for the first week:  How to be a Good Citizen, and  for the second week: Loving Nature and Protecting the Environment.

The Guest speakers included Mrs. Violette Jean , nurse at the local hospital, Mr. Phedeau Lubin, an environmental specialist; Father Cherfils, Pastor of the Church of Notre Dame du Rosaire, Officer   Paul Raymond of the Port-a-Piment Commisariat;  Mr. Abraham Gentil , Professor of Civics.

On Friday the 21st, the children, dressed in their Sunday best, and accompanied by their parents, participated in a graduation ceremony, where they recited poems, performed skits, songs and traditional dances. Mrs. Orcel, Mr.  Frantz Jean, and Mrs. Carolle Paul, Vice President  of KPP, Inc took turns to thank the parents for their trust, the children for their performance in school, and their stellar behavior at Camp. They reiterated the goals of Konbit Pou Potapiman which include promoting the value of Education and maximizing individual performance.

In turn, one parent, Mrs. Gina Regis expressed  the thanks of the community for these precious moments provided to the children of our beloved town.

Each child was awarded a Certificate of Attendance, and the gift of a school bag to prepare for the new academic year.

A modest reception of Punch and Sandwiches was enjoyed by all.

Konbit Pou Potapiman presents its sincere thanks to Mrs. Paule Edline Orcel, and her team of monitors,  kitchen and safety personnel, and general helpers who did a fantastic job of teaching life skills to the children in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, feeding them delicious meals and keeping them safe.

Thank you to our guest speakers who took the time to share their passion with the children.

Thank you to the special contributors to this project:  JGR COPA LLC of Hollywood Florida, Food for the Poor-Haiti-Mrs Doris A Izmery,  Mrs Marie-Therèse Boulos of Petracheve, Mr. Fenold Appolon,  Mr. Adeemir Dacenay. Your contributions were very much appreciated by the kids and staff.

Thank you to Dr Eileen Jerome, and The Links Incorporated (FL) Fort Lauderdale Chapter for the donation of school bags to the children of Port-a-Piment.

Thank you to Carolle Paul, Frantz and Nicole Jean for planning different aspects of the Summer Camp for the last 5 years.

And Thank You to each and every one who through a generous donation supported KPP in this activity. We at KPP, as well as the children of Port-a-Piment, will forever be grateful.. Please click on this link:


The KPP Annual Summer Camp, a Success once again.

The 2016 KPP Summer Camp was held at the Ecole Nationale de Figuiers , from July 4th through July 15th.

As in the previous year, 60 children, who had been selected by the administrators of the seven local schools on the basis of academic achievement, enjoyed two weeks of fun, togetherness and learning.

The camp was run by Frantz Jean, President of Konbit Pou Potapiman and by Mrs Paule Edline Orcel, Inspector in the local school system. They were joined by a staff of monitors, security personnel, cooks, helpers, janitors, bus driver to ensure a safe and valuable experience for the children.

The camp participants started each morning with a prayer, and a talk by Mrs. Orcel and Mr. Jean , discussing one or more points of the Theme of the week.

For the first week, the Theme  was:  Savoir Ecouter (Learning to Listen), how to give full attention to capture a message; how to transmit a message and interpret the information received.

And for the second week, the Theme was:  Savoir Choisir (Learning to Choose); making choices based on one’s preferences, one’s needs and one’s morals.

From 8AM to 2PM, the children enjoyed different activities which included:

Daily bus rides from and to the center of town,  Physical Activity (Aerobics, Soccer, Rope Jumping, Races…, Singing, Dancing

Embroidery, Crochet, Sewing, making paper flowers and necklaces, coloring, Puzzles, and using discarded plastic bottles to make brooms, flowers, jewelry boxes.

Swimming Trip to the Labeyi River


Practicing for Graduation

The children and Staff also enjoyed two hot meals a day.

Many  guest speakers volunteered to join us again this year to share their expertise with the children. They included:

Mrs. Violette Jean, Mrs. Witza Francois, Mrs. Leunine Lorcy,  3 nurses from the local hospital. In one session, the nurses discussed the spread of the Zika virus and the characteristics of the Aeges mosquito. The next week, they discussed the Typhoid Fever, a disease familiar to most of the children. At both sessions, the nurses  reviewed the symptoms of the disease, treatment options , and they placed emphasis on what children can do to prevent the spread of Zika and Typhoid.

Mr. Abraham Gentil, teacher of Social Sciences, addressed the children on two occasions on the early history of Haiti, up to the Emperor Dessalines seeking to meet the challenges of consolidating Haiti’s independence and shoring up the economy of the new nation.

Mr Phedeau  Lubin,  a specialist of the environment, spoke of the types of objects in our world, and the types of relationships that exist between them. He also met the children at the Labeyi  river to discuss the importance of plants; their different components, and how to grow plants effectively.

This year, Judge Bernardin Alcindor joined the roster, and advised the kids on the workings of the Tribunal de Paix, as well as the functions of the different people who work there.

These were very informative sessions not only for the children but also for the staff, who joined the kids in asking and answering questions from the guest speakers.

The children also got to appreciate  a visit from Mayor Raymond Pierre Louis and his assistants.  They encouraged the children in their efforts to do well in school.

Graduation day was the occasion for the staff of KPP to thank the parents for the trust put in us; to command the children on their academic performance and encourage them to always do their best.

In turn, the children executed many songs, dances, a sketch, to the delight of the assistance. They eagerly accepted the gift of a school bag for the coming academic year. They and the parents expressed their thanks to the staff, and enjoyed sandwiches and refreshments.

Another year, another successful Summer camp for KPP.

Our special Thanks go to Mrs Carolle Paul, Mrs Nicole Jean and Mrs. Paule Edeline Orcel for coordinating the work and to the Camp staff for their devotion to the children.

Konbit Pou Potapiman expresses their deep appreciation to :

JGR LLCopa of Hollywood, FL

Mrs. Marie Therese Boulos, Mr Fenold Appolon   , Mrs. Danick Verret, Mr Adeemir Dacenay, Mrs. Doris Izmery and Mr Jacques Frasil

for their unwavering support.

Konbit Pou Potapiman also thanks all the KPP members and supporters who helped make the Camp d Éte 2016 an unforgettable experience for our high academic achievers.










Summer Camp for the elderly in Port-a-Piment!

This year something new was introduced   “A Summer Camp For Adults 65 and Beyond”

The idea of having a summer camp for elderly people was conceived by Danie Lubin, a member of KPP who lives in Boston. Danie came up with the idea of a summer camp for kids five years ago which today is a great success.  She figured she could do the same for this forgotten group of people of Port a Piment.

When she called the president of KPP, Frantz J Jean, to make him aware of her intentions, the idea was well received. It was then presented to the board who did not hesitate to rally behind her to give her both moral and financial support.

On Monday July 18th it became a reality. The Adult Summer Camp was a place where elderly adults could go for a week to receive two meals each day and socialize with their peers, doing arts and crafts and singing.

On the first day twenty-eight adults attended and Dr. Eddy Jean Baptiste was on hand to check their blood pressure and also offer medical advice. They were then served breakfast and seated on a patio where they listened to KPP’s president Frantz J Jean and vice president Carolle Paul who shared with them the great idea proposed by Danie Lubin.

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DSC_0336 DSC_0334 DSC_0320 DSC_0335

On Wednesday night Danie had a party for them where people from the town of Port-a-Piment were invited, including the new mayor, Raymond Pierre Louis, and natives who had traveled from abroad. They were treated to appetizers and were serenaded by young guitarists who sang and played music where the adults were able to reminisce and participate by singing and clapping.

One week and the participation of 28, this is only the beginning. I know Danie is looking forward to next year where she will increase the number of participants and will be very successful in achieving her goal.

Best of luck to you Danie and wishing you great success.