Distribution of school supplies

Port-a-Piment continues to struggle to regain its momentum after the devastating hurricane of October 4th 2016.  The schools of the commune of Port-a-Piment are functioning under extreme stress to perform. The deprivation of basic materials and schools supplies is astonishing. It’s hard to imagine doing schoolwork without ordinary supplies like paper and pencils, blackboards, chairs,student desks etc…Yet many students in remote and economically depressed villages of the commune struggle against such odds. As the director of the Ecole Nationale de Potus told us:” Mr. Jean the kids are coming to school empty handed,  they have nothing to write, teachers have no blackboards..“.

To help these schools cope with their hardships, blackboards, student desks, chairs, desks were ordered and notebooks, pens and pencils for each student were purchased and delivered last month to the following schools by representatives of KPP

Schools                                                 # Students

Ecole Nationale de Dolian                           159

Ecole Nationale de Guillaume                     212

Ecole Nationale de Potus,                           170

Ecole Nationale de Cavalier                        150

In addition to these schools, the 631 students of the Ecole Fondamentale d’Application de Port-a-Piment (EFA) received notebooks, pens and pencils. The distribution was coordinated by the KPP representative Mrs. Paule Edeline Orcel, assisted by KPP members Joceline Julien and Emiel Jacob with the full cooperation of the schools directors.















Thanks to all who have responded to our appeal.We appreciate your generosity as we strive to help Port-a-Piment regain a better life. Your donations made a difference.  No amount is too small and every dollar helps to support our programs.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc. wishes you all a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

As 2016 draws to a close, we look ahead to 2017 with confidence and determination to meet the challenges ahead. We thank each and everyone of you who supported us during 2016 and we look forward to a stronger partnership. Thank you for your continued readership.   Please take a moment to view a summary of 2016 KPP’s activities in the commune of Port-a-Piment that your donations have allowed us to do:

KPP 2016 Summary of Activities




The KPP 2016 Annual Gala

12-07-16 .- Thank you to everyone who attended, sponsored and participated in the KPP Hurricane Relief Fundraising Gala which took place on Saturday December 3rd 2016 at The Grand Palms Hotel resort in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The event was by all accounts a success.

This year, this special event was in fact a gathering of many concerned friends of Haiti who came in a show of support to our beloved Port-a-Piment and the KPP humanitarian activities.

Carolle Paul, Vice-President /Treasurer of KPP opened the evening by greeting the guests, and presenting the Board members. She then introduced the president of KPP, Mr Frantz J Jean.

Frantz  also known as Milou thanked the numerous guests for their presence and acknowledged those ” who have been instrumental in making the evening a very special one”: Carolle Paul, Yves and Rasheda Sidney, Geto Dumesle, Jean Maceres Romulus, Shirly Auguste, Jean Marie Florestal, and of course his dear wife Nicole

From the start, Frantz told the audience that his message would focus on what KPP has done since the day Hurricane Matthew struck our motherland, more specifically the commune of Port-a-Piment. He gave a detailed account of KPP’s many accomplishments in the domains of Sanitation, Health, Education and Food security. Throughout his speech, pictures were displayed showing the realizations of KPP: street clearing activities, making potable water available, cleaning of schools, delivery of school supplies, transportation of donated medical supplies and land revitalization activities.

Frantz also noted the contributions of so many who responded positively to KPP‘s appeal. He announced that through different venues, KPP has collected over $20.000 for its hurricane relief activities.. He thanked each and every one for their generosity and trust.

At dinner time, two talented sons of Port-a-Piment, Jean Maceres Romulus and Levelt Vital, put on a great show of beautiful songs to the delight of the attendees. Thank You Maso! Thank you Levelt!

The music was upbeat as Herold the One man band got everyone to hit the dance floor till midnight. It was a wonderful evening.

Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc thanks all of those who were in attendance. We appreciate all the support we received from the portapimentais and friends to make this event a remarkable success.

Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc also thanks the following individuals and companies who contributed exceptionally to its accomplishments this year: JRG Copa LLC of Hollywood, Unitransfer, Haitian American Psychiatric Association, Primevere Club, Mr Jacques Etienne, Mrs. Danick Aarestrup Verret, Dr Ernst J Joseph, Dr Serge St Gerard, Dr Spencer Lubin among others.