Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc thanks you and wishes you a very prosperous New Year.  As we reflect on the past year, we are greatly encouraged by what has been accomplished.
  • In February 2011, the  new Port-a-Piment hospital opened for business.
  • In March 2011, KPP Inc was formed and legalized in the state ofFlorida. In September KPP Inc is granted the tax exempt status under code 501©(3) by the IRS.
  • In April 2011, KPP Inc partnered with the medical association Class of 72 Association Inc ofMaryland, which donated 30 hospital beds and mattresses to the newly built Port-a-Piment hospital.
  • In July 2011, KPP Inc organized a free health fair clinic for the population of Port-a-Piment and Chardonnieres in collaboration with the Association des Médecins Haitiens (AMH). More than 500 patients received free check ups and free medicines.
  • In July 2011, KPP-Haiti with the financial backing of PNUD ( Programme des Nations Unies pour le Développement), partially repaired and rehabilitated the Port-a-Piment drinking water system.
  • In July 2011, KPP distributed school supplies and sports equipment to students. They were donated by DeltaSigma Thêta Sorority Inc. and Graphics Solutions Inc. of NJ.
  • In August 2011, KPP Inc established a link with the LaTorra-Larsen Medical  Foundation, which expressed its willingness to donate some medical equipment to the Hospital in Port-a-Piment
  • In November 2011, KPP purchased and distributed chlorine tablets to people in the areaaffected by the Cholera epidemic.
  • In December 2011, KPP Inc organized its first annual fund raising event with the participation of 140 attendees.
  • In  December 2011, KPP organized a book fair and reception for the children of the Sponsorship Program and their parents.
  • In December 2011, KPP-Haiti obtained PNUD’s approval and financial backing to finalize the rehabilitation of Port-a-Piment water supply system
  • The KPP internet site continues to inform its audience. In the last year, the number of visitors increased by 30% from the previous year.

KPP Inc is proud to maintain a high standard of accountability and transparency in all of its activities.

As the New Year begins, Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc will continue to seek new members and partners, in its quest to improve the lives of our brothers and sisters in Port-a- Piment. We plan to;

  • Keep up  our  commitment to help ourcountyofPort-a-Piment
  • Add new activities to our sponsorship program
  • Increase the membership
  • Seek more volunteers to strengthen our annual free health fair clinic
  • Partner with other organizations to reach our goal of getting all basic medical equipment to the hospital.
  •  Strengthen our ties with KPP–Haiti and improve the operational and administrative skills of all members.

Konbit Pou Potapiman Inc, invites you to be involved in the renewal of Port-à-Piment. We also wish you a Healthy New Year!